I like to attend meet-ups.

It's one of the best ways to share and gain knowledge and to get involved in the community!

Using Mobility to Store Translations

A picture of one of my slides from my Ruby Ireland talk on using Mobility to store translations

For Ruby Ireland 31 March 2021, I gave an introduction on using Mobility for storing translations, and I shared a tip on what to watch out for when trying to internationalise a Rails application.

My Experience with TestProf: The Good and the Ugly


For Ruby Tuesdays KL #70, I shared about my experience using TestProf, a tool for profiling and speeding up Ruby test suites.

Lightning Talk: Enhancing the Performance of Our Test Suite


For Ruby Tuesdays KL #68, I spoke about speeding up RSpec tests by applying RSpec best practices.

A Look into Discard


For Ruby Tuesdays KL #65, I spoke about soft delete in Rails using Discard.