Hello, I'm Ali. 🤓

I'm a 19-year-old software engineer.

About Me

I'm a highly-motivated individual and a quick-learner, and I'm from Malaysia.

My Story

I've been travelling the path less travelled. I was homeschooled from the age of 10 until 16. My journey into programming started when I was 13, writing my first JavaScript code on a platform called KhanAcademy.
Long story short, programming became something I enjoy doing as a hobby and I decided to take it seriously as a career in 2017, and have never looked back. 🤓

My Tech Stack

When it comes to languages, I write Ruby, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I've worked with frameworks and libraries such as Ruby on Rails, React.js, Redux.js, Redux-Saga, Cypress, SCSS. And I use Git for version control.
At the moment, I'm focused on strengthening my skills on the technologies that I usually work with, along with learning AWS, Node.js and Express.js.

Other Facts About Me

I'm an avid reader, I'm interested in history, I'm a suffering Man United fan and I love to listen to music. Oasis and Franz Ferdinand are a few of my favourite bands. I've been working for Suria Labs since January 2018. In fact, it's my first ever (and thus far, only) job. ✌️

My Portfolio


A React app that displays statistics about COVID-19.

React, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3


A simple app that allows people to generate shortened links. Hosted on Heroku using a free dyno.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, HTML5, SCSS, TypeScript, Stimulus.js


Just a small service object that receives an argument, and flattens the argument if it's an array and if it has nested arrays.

Ruby, RSpec


This is xpend's Rails API. It's hosted on Heroku using a free dyno. xpend is an app for people to track expenses. Using our brains to track our expenses can be quite tedious.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RSpec, Heroku


A little Ruby script that fetches cat facts (tongue twister, mind...) from cat-fact's API, and prints a single fact to the user who ran the script.


Thine Quotes

A Rails 5 app about my favourite quotes. It's a project for me to learn more about technologies such as Rails, running React with Rails, Webpacker, among a few. It'll never be a finished project for that reason. 🤓 It's hosted on Heroku using a free dyno.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Heroku

Take Me Through Greater Manchester

It's a static website that I built to learn more about Flexbox. The content of the website is basically some of the cool things about Greater Manchester! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


That Lad Photography

It's a static website that I built to learn about Flexbox. I plan to use this in the future as my photo gallery whenever I get to travel and live in places with stunning landscapes. 📷

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

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