I read Trinity almost 2 years ago, and I remember finding certain parts to be of confusion, mainly because I didn’t read Stormbird beforehand. I appreciate and understand the storyline much more this time round.

Stormbird was brilliant, but Trinity…is even better. Conn Iggulden’s narrates the story like he was present during the Wars of the Roses.

How’s the story?

In Trinity, Richard of York is made the Lord Protector of England as King Henry VI enters stupor. York and his supporters continue to increase their influence in controlling England, which draws the ire of Queen Margaret. York and his powerful supporters are attained by Queen Margaret, stripping them of their estates and titles.

The battle sequences in Trinity are indescribable. The build-ups, the battles themselves and the aftermaths from the eyes of the Queen’s armies and York’s armies are by far my favourite pieces of literature.