Having read a few modern-day crime novels set in London, I was slightly concerned it was going to be more or less the same. Not to mention the fact that I’ve not read this series before. In the end, I was blown away!

The pace of the plot isn’t slow nor fast, the characters are likeable. A certain element from the previous volumes are present in this one, but that didn’t leave me puzzled. I didn’t want to stop reading.

After the highest floors of a residential building had fire blazing through it, investigation of the incident is underway. Two victims are found dead in an 11th floor flat, locked in. There is another victim of the fire, and this victim, a high-profile right-wing politician, Geoff Armstrong, is found dead on the ground floor of the building. Why was he doing in the area in the first place is a question to be answered. How did he end up on the ground floor is another. It’s unusual for a right-wing politician to be found in a culturally diverse estate in North London, known as Maudling Estate.

The body of Geoff Armstrong is brought to the attention of the Met Police murder squad. Maeve Kerrigan and co set out to find out what caused the fire in the first place and how did a controversial politician ended up in Maudling Estate.

Will have to buy the rest of the series!